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ABCS to Running PBs
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 Race Day Planning Worksheets
 Personalised Pacing Calculations Based on Your Past Data 
 Writing Structured Workouts Worksheet
 Race Day Nutrition Guides & Calculators
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🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 There's a reason your self-written training plans have failed.
Beyond the basics. Where's the info specific to you?
Let's face it, you don't have time to wade through the YouTube, Strava and Instagram noise, and you've passed the stage of heart rate and pace, but you wanna complete a race to your potential.
So you have questions like.... 
  > Should I be running more?
  > What are my thresholds?
  > Are my training zones set correctly?
  > What intervals do YOU need 🫵?
  > How long should my long run be?
  > How do I pace my race?
  > What does a proper base phase look like?
PLUS, let's be honest, you've never really had the time to plan more than a few weeks in advance, which can leave you feeling like your training isn't going anywhere.
Unlock the Secret to Running Faster - CONSISTENTLY
There's a New Way to Run Faster
The reason you haven't mastered how to run faster, smash personal best and reach your running potential isn't out of lack of trying. It's because you are yet to master the new (scientific) framework that allows you to;

✅ Consistently build fitness
✅ Build speed without over-training.
✅ Reach 10 outta 10 fitness without exhaustion
✅ Cut through the endless info, and find what works for you

 💣 TRUTH BOMB 🫣 I wasn't always a 2:30 marathon runner with a PhD
Yes, I drank all of those 🍻
As a beer-drinking rugby player, I thought 10km was a long run! (like really long)
After finding out, I failed my first year of engineering and sick of being hungover every other day (literally 🤢). I decided I wanted more out of myself.
This isn't an immediate success story.
No, I didn't roll out of bed a run a sub 40min 10km. I worked my ass off to make painfully slow progress. In fact, I pushed myself so hard to improve. I developed overtraining syndrome. 
I knew there had to be a better way.
"How can I consistently build fitness and speed without smashing myself on every run, feeling like a failure, or revisiting the same runners' world articles?"


That's When I Realised....

Most of the running advice I was following was WRONG. 


I built the ABCS system to run PBs

I started jogging and monitoring my heart rate to dig myself out of the overtraining hole. Within 6 months, I was running faster than EVER. 🤔 I studied, experimented, and optimised my system to find the ideal "Training Sweet Spot".

Now, I can run 10km in 32min 🤯

The good news, I've rolled my entire running PB process into a fast-tracked system so you can do the same.

Introducing "Reignite Your Running"
'Reignite Your Running' hands intermediate runners the advanced level, personalised and scientifically-backed 'here's how you do it' repeatable runner's road map, so YOU can master the workout 'why,' consistently increase speed and leap towards YOUR next PB in record time.
The Framework I Designed for Runners like YOU 🫵
#1 Aerobic Base: Develop your aerobic energy system to improve your race day running speed. FOR ANY DISTANCE!

#2 Consistency: Achieve fitness consistency and avoid plateau, injury or burnout.

#3 Specificity: Target your training to the demands of your event to be PB-ready on race day.

The Result: You develop a structured training system that is repeatable, flexible, and personalised so you can finally achieve those dream race performances.

Reignite Your Running 
  • Road map to faster running (Module 1)
    Now you'll have a clear pathway to your next PB. No more Ad Hoc workouts or 'hoping for the best'.
  • Progress tests (Module 2)

    No more running roadblocks. Get all of my step-by-step 'here's how you do it' worksheets for analysing your training and building weakness-eliminating event-specific workouts.

  • Fine-tune your potential (Module 3)
    Stop blowing up and underperforming with me event-specific worksheets and calculators to determine YOUR optimal pacing strategy.
  • Bonus Fast Tracks (Module 4)

    My race didn't go well. What did I do wrong? Eliminate the question marks from your training and racing. Overcome setbacks, remove doubt, and further optimise your training system.

I'll provide you with a FREE premium account and 12-week TRAINING PLAN on the world's most popular training software - TrainingPeaks
TrainingPeaks offers a centralized hub that lets you upload, plan, track and analyze your training all in one place. (like Strava on steroids)
Working with me would cost over $2,500
You get 12-month Access to:
Worksheets. The hard work has been done for you. Save and reuse forever.

• Runners' Road Map: You get the training phases, training zones, and workout guidelines to add long-term structure to your running.

• Audio Visual Content: Videos, private podcasts, written transcripts, and interactive worksheets. Utilise the content where and when it suits you.

• The Info You Can't Find: This course gives you the 'WHY" behind your workouts.

• Progress Forever: Get a system for analysing your workouts and races to ensure you'll always progress.
Most Affordable
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Is this course right for me?
You're a runner who wants a systematic reuseable roadmap to get fitter and faster.
You've used books and internet-based training plans before (maybe even some of my podcasts😎), which all end up with the same result. You throwing something together that you think would suit your situation.
You know the basics. You don't need to be retold the same information everyone has been regurgitating since the 80s. You want to know the workout 'WHY', so you can start making real PROGRESS in your running.
You want someone with the knowledge and experience to join the dots' for you, so you can quit wasting your time with the wrong training.
You like the sound of having a SYSTEM that gives you a long-term road map with training phases, target training zones, workouts, and benchmarks from NOW until your goal race.
You want to know EXACTLY what you are capable of in your upcoming race and what training it will take to get there.
You're willing to commit some time to learning how to analyse YOUR TRAINING, so you can quickly change what isn't working before it's too late.
You enjoy expanding your knowledge and staying ahead of the curve by accessing the latest training methods and technology.
Most importantly, you love running and want to make sure you're doing everything to get the most out of yourself so you can reach your true potential. 
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Stop wasting time by doing the wrong training and doing the wrong things. Get the best step-by-step running framework on the internet. Good things come to those who take action.
  • ABCS to Running PBs Framework.
    The same signature framework that has supercharged my running and the countless runners I've worked with over the last decade. This isn't your typical online course. It's a step-by-step system for generating mindblowing running PBs
  • Done-for-you training templates for running success
    Training Plans, Workout Builders, Training Phases, Pacing Guides, Nutrition Calculators, and Training Zones Calculators. I've done the hard work for you!
  • BONUS: My Training Plans
    After you've filled out your Runners' Road Map, you can submit it to me, and I'll PERSONALLY apply one of my custom training plans to your TrainingPeaks calendar.
  • BONUS: Private Podcast
    Don't be restricted to having to watch a video. You can get my content on the go in your favourite podcast app.
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Most Affordable
One Payment of::
[Save $195]
Most Flexible
6 Payments of::
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How long will it take? (I don't think I have the time.)
Reignite Your Running is designed to have you run a new PB within 6 months, but I've intentionally made a 12-month container to give you PLENTY of white space to build your fitness and progress your running, even with work and life commitments in the mix. There is around 8hrs of video/audio content.
Is this only for fast runners? (I'm not sure I'm good enough.)
Effective training is for EVERYONE. What sets my course apart from the rest of the generic info out there is that it is design for individualisation.
Whether that's a sub 2hr half marathon or your first 100 mile ultra.
Achieving the your dream race isn't dependent on how fast you are, it's about how prepared you are.
Should I wait until I'm a bit fitter?
Starting out with a proven training system before you're "fit" (whatever that means) will stop you wasting time with the wrong training.
My runners' road map allows you to drag-and-drop training phases, so you can start from scratch, or you can start with a race next weekend.
Do I get access to a coach?
While I don't offer 1:1 coaching within the course, you will get feedback on your Runners' Road Map as well as access to exclusive opportunities to book time with me (Dr Will) at reduced rates. Keep in mind, I have designed Reignite Your Running in a way that allows you to be your own professional coach.
I have another question not on the list.
Write to me at [email protected], and I'll get you back to you ASAP. You can also message me on Instagram @drwilloconnor
I made this course for people like you!
The people out there finishing a few minutes ahead of you or making progress faster than you aren't any different to you. They're runners too.
When I look at a runner, I don't care how fast they are. I care how much faster I can make them! That's why I've spent almost a whole year curating the most effective content and resources, so runners like you can finally have an A-Z solution to becoming faster.
Want to take your running and race performances to the next level?
⛔ STOP trying to figure everything out yourself by piecing together free content.
🏃‍♂️START investing in building your OWN road map to success based on a proven system.
⛔STOP wasting your valuable training time with junk miles.
🏃‍♂️START focusing on ONE aspect of your training and make real improvements.
⛔STOP throwing away entry fees by finishing races feeling like you could have done better.
🏃‍♂️START racing with a robust plan built around your capabilities, not some arbitrary finish time.
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